1. Swing a quick bat -- You must have the ability to swing the bat smoothly through the strike zone. It is important for hitting breaking pitches and hitting with power.

2. Hit the ball hard and with power -- Coaches will pay close attention to your bat speed and your hand position. If you have a quick bat, you can wait on pitches longer and have a better chance of hitting the ball harder.

3. Turn on a fastball -- You should be able to turn on a fastball thrown on the inside of the plate. This is why we preach keeping your hands inside the ball.

4. Make adjustments -- When a pitcher changes his delivery, location or speed, poor hitters will lunge, and not stay back, develop a hitch or have a pronounced uppercut. The more patient a hitter is the more dangerous you become.

5. Possess a knowledge of the strike zone -- This means reading the pitcher, having a consistent stance at the plate.

6. Hit to all fields -- A good hitter will go with the pitch and drive it to all fields.

7. Match the swing plain to the pitch plain -- You have a much greater chance of hitting the ball solid and with power if you do this. This is where rotational hitting can help.

Here are some things to consider when you're thinking of working out.

Running Time

Right Hand Batters

4.6 seconds home to first (average high school player)
4.4 seconds home to first (average college player)
4.2 seconds home to first (will impress anyone)

Left Hand Batters

4.5 seconds home to first (average high school player)
4.5 seconds home to first (average college player)
4.1 seconds home to first (will impress anyone)

60 Yard Dash

7.6 seconds (average high school player)
7.4 seconds (average college player)
7.2 seconds (impresses pro scouts)

8. Stay focused -- Do not play around on the sidelines with your friends. You should never have to be corrected in the dugout.

9. Get dirty -- coaches are looking for players who are not afraid to dive after ground balls or pop flies.

10. Leadership -- If someone make a great play or needs encouragement, it's okay to cheer them on. Coaches will be impressed by your team spirit and leadership abilities.

11. Lucky or ready -- You may never know when your opportunity may come. Get yourself in a program to help yourself be ready and not count on luck.

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